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Rhode Rock This Rhode Island Red crossed Barred Plymouth Rock takes its genetics from the original black hybrid breeding programmes. Originally from Harco and Arbor Acre stock and now bred by Hendrix/Shaver, this bird comes from the biggest and most diverse gene pool available for this type hybrid. Being part of Hendrix Genetics means this strain has continued to be selected and improved year on year. The big advantage of this strain over other black hybrids is the commercial nature of the parent stock and breeding system. Pullet chicks are supplied from vaccinated parents and are THV/Mareks vaccinated in the hatchery, parent stock and chicks are salmonella tested. This, along with complete traceability, allows this strain to have Lion Code status. Well proven over decades in all systems including the most demanding environments, this bird is suitable for everyone.

Bovans Nera Breed Information

   * Suits all production systems, commercial to domestic.
   * 300 mid brown egg in first year.
   * For extreme environments, long productive life.

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Disclaimer: The performance specifications described above are achievable with correct environmental and management conditions. This performance cannot be guaranteed.