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The Aughton chicken coop and chicken run has proved to be a very popular design. It is a small unit with a good sized run which has a side entrance door for letting birds out if and when required. It is once again built with quality and strength in mind. It will house up to 6 birds dependant on breed. An optional external nest box is available. It is the perfect choice for beginners or for those wanting to house birds for a breeding program. A hinged roof provides easy access for cleaning


Chicken Coop Features:


   * Size 790 x 800 x 800 (H W D)

   * Side Entrance Door

   * Easy to clean

   * Easily Movable, Fixed Ventilation

   * Pop Hole

   * 1 x Removable Perches

   * Optional External Nest box


Chicken Run Features:


   * Size 570 x 800 x 1830

   * Door Fitted to Run

   * Sliding RoofWeldmesh fitted as standard

Aughton Chicken Coop and Run